Welcome to Product and Market Development LLC

We develop our own products and services and market them many ways including through our websites. Click on the About tab to see each website link.

We offer a book to support inventors and startups. Click on the Inventors link.

We work with existing businesses to accelerate growth and market success. Click on the Corporate link.

We offer an on-site consultation service. At your location, we do an in-depth analysis of where your company is in its life cycle.  We then offer a “fresh eyes” perspective of the practical steps you can implement in order to support your product innovation, product development, supply strategy, business development, market strategy, distribution channel analysis, and what all that might mean to growth acceleration.  To learn more about this click on the Location tab.

We believe there is no silver bullet, no single, standardized process to fix all problems in all companies. That would be like a doctor prescribing a drug without doing a patient examination.  We are not traditional business advisors. We work quickly, specializing in corporate triage to stem the loss of the life’s blood of a company. We provide quick guidance and perspective, and do not believe in long term assignments.  By completing the analysis and recommendations in one or two weeks, our clients can correct course quickly for long-term growth and the process is easily affordable in the short term.

Often, traditional advisory groups do not have personnel with the experience of developing and growing a business from start to finish.  We do. Traditional advisory groups sell essentially the same product to every client. They believe that if you build it they will come. That seldom works.  We believe your solutions are yours alone, as individual as your challenges.

There is a real advantage to using an “outsider” to find your solutions. We can be outside corporate politics, outside the failed routines of ‘we’ve always done it that way’ and provide outside-the-box ideas.  We’ve witnessed time and time again that an outside perspective, fresh eyes of someone with decades of experience in growing businesses, but not looking for a long term assignment, results in practical answers of surprising simplicity, the ‘ah-ha’ moments that are pivotal in reaching the next level.

Call us now. Change can happen quickly, and we can help you make that change in the right direction.