30 years’ experience and 50 patents plus:
  • Working as an executive inside fortune 100 companies.
  • Advising corporations about their new business development strategy and processes.
  • Working with individual innovators.
  • Developing many of my own businesses based on my ideas and taking them to market.


What we can do for you:
  1. Meet with executives and examine new business development processes using a short “snapshot” session to evaluate the state of your growth engine. From there we can propose a custom-fit action plan for you to review. We have not found a “one size fits all” solution for every company we work with. That would be like a doctor giving you a prescription before the examination. Many people hire PMD because they think we can help them with new product ideas and that will fix their problem. I must say, too few product ideas are almost never the problem.  It is normally something else in the system.
  2. Present to and motivate advanced business development groups. We do this with small group training and by speaking at innovation / motivation sessions.  We evaluate the individuals involved in the process and concentrate on the primary bottlenecks in the innovation streams.
  3. Show most common areas in new business development that can be improved. Using specialized evaluation techniques, we research and display the specific problem areas that are preventing your corporation from getting new innovation to the market – and what can be done about it.
  4. Displaying new tools to test marketability of new ideas before major investments are made.
  5. Work with inside commercialization groups to move toward prescriptive selling.