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We do not provide a cookie cutter approach to working with our growth clients. In the hundreds of companies we have helped over the last 30 years, we have never found a tool or solution that can translate to other companies exactly. While many things are similar and some of the same tools can be used to improve, it is impossible to have one solution fit all companies. We are highly effective because of a two step process.  First,  we speak to your development group, demonstrating the most common solutions, using highly engaging presentation formats.  Second, we begin a program to arrive at specific advice. It takes some hands on work to evaluate the situation and then develop “application specific” solutions for each company. For that we need to come to you.

Speaking to inform and motivate
We take 90 minutes to present to the growth engine group of your company. We do the research to provide an authentic, accurate, unvarnished analysis of your company and then present it as an up-tempo session that gets key people invovled and engaged. Attendess feel they can pick up tools to help creat immdiate change, as well as some medium term techniques they can use to improve existing processes. Our goal is that each attendee leaves the presentation with a new drive to examine the growth engine culture that exists. Each attendee gets a copy of my book providing tools, tips, and ‘how to” accelerate growth.

Evaluating your new business growth engine
To analyze your growth engine process in each of your developmental centers, we  travel to each location for a one two, or three-day evaluation session (depending on size and number of participants). We interview using a “drawer pulling” process to find all ideas that did not make it to the market.  The focus is seldom about the quality of the ideas we find.  We drawer pull with the goal of understanding why the ideas did not make it. We then summarize our findings and conduct download sessions with management to adjust the existing process.